Set Up a Team for Your Classroom

Editors Note: This fortnight’s Toolbit for Class Notebook is being replaced by another Toolbit for Teams. We were unable to keep our regular cadence with Teams due to the delay in deploying it and want to get caught up. If you are missing your OneDrive Toolbit fix, check out this resource from Microsoft. The next Toolbit on Class Notebook will be posted on January 31.

So, now that Teams is back in the mix, you might be wondering how to get your students using Teams.

Fortunately, that process is pretty easy and straightforward. Additionally, Microsoft makes the process easy by giving you the choice of setting up a Team, specifically designed for classroom use (this comes with certain presets for member permissions, an option to add a class notebook, and the fantastic assignments feature!)

Read below to get started.

Create a team for classes in Microsoft Teams

Classes are a team with unique permissions for teachers and students. As owners of the team, teachers assign and review work and create channels and files. Each class team is also linked to its own OneNote Class Notebook.

Within the team, students:

  • Collaborate in group work channels
  • Share files
  • Turn in assignments
  1. Select Add team at the bottom of your teams list.

    Select Add Team

  2. Choose the Create a team tile.

    Select Create Team

  3. Select Classes as the team.

    Choose a team type

  4. Enter a name for your class.
  5. Enter a description then select Next. For example: Ms. Gustyte, 3rd period, meets in room 301.

    Create new class team

  6. Once you’ve created your class team, follow the steps to add your students as team members.
  7. You can add your students by typing in their names in the window that appears next or you can skip that step and have them join the class through a join code.
  8. To get the join code, click on the three dots to the right of the classroom team name found in the nav panel that shows all of your teams on the left.
  9. Choose Manage Team > Settings > Team Code > Generate Code
  10. Share this code with students and walk them through the steps (open Teams, click on the Join or Create Team button) and they will be automatically added to the team as a member

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