Set Printouts/Pictures as Background

Insert printouts as backgrounds automatically

Do you like to have your students annotate on documents or pictures inserted into OneNote?

Do you get frustrated with those docs or pics getting moved around?

OneNote allows you to work around that problem by setting any document printout or picture as a background object. This basically locks into the page and won’t allow you or other users to bump it around when they try to annotate on it.

You can do this manually with each printout or you can set it as the default way you insert printouts and pictures. Read below to find out how.

Set printouts in the background of a OneNote page

In OneNote you can set printouts in the background of a page. This locks the printout, allowing for easier drawing and annotating over diagrams, exercises, lessons, and more.

Set a single printout in the background of a page:

  1. Insert your printout in OneNote by selecting Insert File Printout (in OneNote 2013 and 2016) or Insert Pictures (in OneNote for Windows 10).
  2. In OneNote 2013 and OneNote 2016, right-click on the printout and select Set Picture as Background. In OneNote for Windows 10,  right-click on the printout, select Picture, then scroll down to and select Set Picture as Background.

Automatically set all printouts in the background of a page (applies to OneNote 2013 and 2016):

  1. Select File > Options Advanced. Scroll to the bottom of the Advanced options.
  2. Check the option to Automatically set inserted file printouts in the background.
  3. Every printout inserted in OneNote will now be automatically set in the background.

Application Idea

Have your students do this when they insert a printout of their writing. Then you will be able to mark up their document easy peasy.

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