Do You Widget?

Classroom Screen is a simple, accessible, and (hopefully) useful tool to keep in your back pocket. It is a website where you can have all of your widgets on one screen and manipulate them with ease. You don’t need an account, login, or anything other than a browser to use Classroom Screen. One downside is that you cannot save anything; however, Classroom Screen loads quickly and you can use it anywhere you’ve got wifi!

Classroom Screen

Widgets that are included are:

  • Typing box
  • “Work symbols” – silence, whisper, ask neighbor, work together
  • Traffic light
  • Timer
  • A variety of interesting backgrounds

Best of all, the visuals are a nice way to compliment oral and written directions. All widgets are easily manipulated around the screen. Check out this introduction video for a quick explanation of how this tool can be used. Overall, it is simple, quick, and engaging.

Happy widgeting!


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