Do You Widget?

Classroom Screen is a simple, accessible, and (hopefully) useful tool to keep in your back pocket. It is a website where you can have all of your widgets on one screen and manipulate them with ease. You don’t need an account, login, or anything other than a browser to use Classroom Screen. One downside is that you cannot save anything; however, Classroom Screen loads quickly and you can use it anywhere you’ve got wifi!

Classroom Screen

Widgets that are included are:

  • Typing box
  • “Work symbols” – silence, whisper, ask neighbor, work together
  • Traffic light
  • Timer
  • A variety of interesting backgrounds

Best of all, the visuals are a nice way to compliment oral and written directions. All widgets are easily manipulated around the screen. Check out this introduction video for a quick explanation of how this tool can be used. Overall, it is simple, quick, and engaging.

Happy widgeting!


  1. Just saw this today! What a great tool. I also noticed the “Exit Ticket” feature at the bottom right of the page that allows students to self evaluate their understanding and/or engagement. Teachers can type a question such as, “After today’s lesson, rate your current understanding of adding unit fractions,” or “Do you feel you were able to meet our Read to Self expectations the entire time today?” and students can respond by tapping on the appropriate icon (yesno, red/yellow/green, etc.).



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