Technology as an Access Point for ELL Students

Common Sense

Common Sense Education continues to be a key resource in teaching digital citizenship to students (our focus throughout October), but did you know that the resources it offers are more comprehensive than that?

As we move into November at the end of next week, we transition our focus from “Digital Citizenship” to “Creative Communicator” – using technology for clear and creative expression. This ISTE Standard calls students to be creative producers of content, to communicate their thoughts, and to present their learning with an authentic audience in mind. Why is this important? Rather than solely expecting students to use technology responsibly and carefully, we also want to encourage them to use it as a platform to communicate their ideas, voices, and learning in proactive ways.

In encouraging students to express themselves in a variety of ways, Common Sense Education demonstrates a clear commitment to equity; in particular, how technology can be used as a tool to increase access and engagement for all students. For historically marginalized populations of students (such as ELL students), providing meaningful platforms to share their experiences is a great way to build empathy and understanding within classrooms, schools, and communities. Common Sense Education recognizes this, and has a compiled tips for using technology with ELL students, in addition to a list of vetted apps.

Digital storytelling, in particular, is highlighted as a way for students to explore their identity, tell their stories, and connect with others. Check out this video for a clear rationale for using digital storytelling with ELL students, and tangible ways to get started!

Tool Bits Click Here - Core Tools



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