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What is Teams?

Teams is a digital platform within Office 365 that brings conversations, content, and apps together in one place. It enables teachers to create collaborative, paperless classrooms and also can be used to create professional learning communities.

You already have access to the tools through ISD’s Office 365 account.

What does Teams Do?

Teams are groups of Office 365 users (determined by the creator of the team) that provides an online space to converse around and share documents.

Each team can create sub-spaces which are called channels. These channels allow teams to focus on individual topics or

So why bother with Teams?

Teams is an easy to set-up and use platform that will allow you as a teacher to do the following:

  • Engage student voice through persistent conversation tools built into the platform
  • Easily support collaboration through document sharing. No more getting links or email addresses, simply load a file and it is shared with the team, ready for collaboration
  • End-to-End assignment management allows you to create, assign, collect and provide feedback on student work

How do I access Teams?

Visit Teams by logging into and then clicking on the Teams icon at the top of the dashboard or download the app (android || iOS)

Office Dashboard with Teams Highlighted

You can also install the Teams desktop application to your computer.

How do I log into Teams?

Visit and use the following credentials:

Username: ISD email address (e.g. –

Password: ISD newtwork password

Helpful Hints

The Files Tab = Easy Document Sharing

Teams lets you create spaces for specific topics, projects or ideas related to your team. These spaces are called channels. Each channel gets a conversation tab, files tab and a note tab. The conversation tab let’s team members chat and share documents, while the Files tab is a place to load or create documents meant to be shared. Placing a document in the files tab automatically makes it editable by all members of the team.


Working With Assignments in Teams

Teams Training Videos

Where can I get help with Teams?

Each school building has an Ed Tech Lead (a fellow staff member) who can help you with any questions you might have.  You can find out who your Ed Tech Lead is here.

You can always contact any of the Instructional Technology Specialists in the Ed Tech department as well. We are here to help.

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