Future of the American Dream

American Dream

On the eve of Super Tuesday, and at the beginning of a pivotal year in our political system, the idea of thinking about the future of our country is certainly relevant and timely.

Brian David Johnson, a futurist by trade, and professor at Arizona State University, was inspired by the political moment, as well as a trip to Spring Training with his aging father and Uncle, to document and describe the future of the American Dream.

However, what makes Brian David Johnson’s project unique, is that technology is providing an opportunity for many people to vocalize their vision of the future of the American Dream, and inform his academic study of the question.  Using the website and twitter, he is collecting and archiving each voice that joins the conversation.

Through the website Future of the American Dream and a series of town halls, Johnson is attempting to collect, and synthesize where the American Dream is headed and how it is changing. Johnson hopes to share his findings in September during the general election, with hopes of informing the national discussion during the campaign.

Teachers are being encouraged to help students join the discussion by having town halls in their classes and then sharing through through the website. Students who are under 13 will not be able to participate directly, but Johnson still wants to hear from younger students. He is encouraging teachers to synthesize the dreams of their students or to have parents and students make submissions together.

You can also add your voice to the discussion through Twitter by using #FutureAmDream.

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