Keyboarding 101!

Why Type?  State and International technology standards detail that learning to type helps build foundational technology skills necessary to support technology fluency and readiness in students.  This is a necessary skill, and one that most of our students will use throughout their lives.  Having this foundational typing knowledge allows students to collaborate, communicate, create and more using 21st century skills in a variety of environments.

What Typing Programs are Used in the Issaquah School District?  We have collected the following data as a shared resource for teachers, buildings, and tech teams to use as they discuss the typing program options for their buildings (see table below).

Currently, there is no district standard for typing programs.  Each school, under the decision and budget of the building tech team, is allowed to choose what works best for their classrooms.  If someone at your building is interested in exploring a new program and would like to hear more about any of the following programs, please contact the building tech committees where the program is in use.  We hope this helps you all learn from and share with one another!  Have fun typing!


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