No Registration Webtools!

Using webtools in the classroom are great because (almost) any internet ready device, whether it’s a laptop or iPad, can access them.  This article contains a list of free webtools that do not require student users to register with an email address.  The list also contains:

  • links to each webtool
  • a brief description
  • star rating

Have fun playing, but be careful!  You may just get sucked down a rabbit hole like I did at this site...

Venn Diagram

  1. I don’t know you or whatever this website is about but this Venn Diagram is incorrect.
    The area labelled as ‘Place where Bono can’t live’ would be “With and Without you”.. Since the lyrics are With OR Without you, Bono wouldn’t survive anywhere inside either of the circles on this Venn Diagram.

    Also I wondered if you’re aware that The BNP is also a far right political party in the UK.


    1. Thank you for the good call on the Bono Venn…true indeed. We are not associated in anyway with the British National Party…but now they can’t use as a website so score one for democracy.


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