The Force Is With Hour of Code This Year

Star Wars hour of code

Hour of Code is an annual celebration of computer programming. It is a chance for teachers to bring computer science into the classroom, in a way that engages and introduces students to the joys and challenges of computer programming.

For a week each year, partners with school districts and teachers across the country to do at least one, hour-long lesson on coding with students. provides all the resources teachers will need and makes it easy to get students programming.

This year, Hour of Code is December 7-13. Teachers can register to participate at

It just so happens to fall a week before the release of the new Star Wars movie The Force Awakens.Disney and Lucasfilm have joined forces with to create a Star Wars themed module that can turn your hour of coding lesson into a Star Wars themed adventure.

If you have any doubts about whether or not a Force-strong Hour of Code will engage your students, check out my son below (admittedly he and I are huge Star Wars fans but still) who just finished his hour of code, and programmed a Star Wars game.


Finally, ISF has provided money for schools to run Coding Clubs. To help equip teachers to run those clubs, there is a three week training on Scratch (a tool to teach coding to elementary students) starting next week (Nov. 17) Teachers interested in attending should contact Susan Mundell.

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