Who you gonna call?

Building Tech Specialist v Ed Tech Lead

When it comes to accessing support for technology in your building, you have two excellent sources in your Building Tech Specialist and your building’s Ed Tech Lead.

However, it is important to realize that though both important, each of them serves a different role in supporting the use of technology in the classroom.

Understanding the focus for each will enable you to get the support you need faster, and also allow your Ed Tech Leads and Building Tech Specialist to give better support.

So what are the differences?

Let’s start with a metaphor.

If we think of the technology available to teachers as a fleet of specialized vehicles designed to support instruction, then the Building Tech Specialists are the mechanics that service and ensure that the vehicles are ready to roll. Ed Tech Leads on the other hand are expert drivers who are there to help teachers understand how to use the vehicles and which vehicles will work best to support instruction.

Ed Tech Leads are teachers who have demonstrated innovative and exceptional use of technology to support their teaching, and student learning. We created the program to give these teachers time to share that expertise and knowledge with other teachers. Ed Tech Leads are available to help teachers understand how to best use the hardware and software in their classroom for instruction and learning.

On the other hand Building Tech Specialists know the IT infrastructure of a building, and work to ensure that the hardware and software work together and with the IT systems that are in place to support those technologies.

Ed Tech Leads are there to work with you on How To teach with the tech, and Building Tech Specialists are there to make sure the tech Works.

Check out this table that gives examples based on technology of who to ask.

Ed Tech Lead or Building Tech Specialist

Downnload Who Do You Ask – Ed Tech Lead or Building Tech Specialist

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