Hour of Code

Hour of Code is December 5th – 11th, 2022

LINK to sign up for Hour of Code

Our goal is for every Issaquah Student to get an Hour of Code this year!

Why Computer Science? 

Software is everywhere. It’s shaping almost every aspect of how we live our lives. But very few kids are learning how to actually create games, apps and programs.

Did you know?

  • 90% of American schools don’t teach computer science.
  • Fewer students are learning how computers work than a decade ago!
  • All students can learn to code. But girls and students of color are severely underrepresented in computer science.

Computer science is a foundation for every student. That’s why we’re introducing ours to these critical 21st century skills.

Hour of Code activities available for many levels of coding, tech configurations, and content areas.

  • Search new tutorials and lesson plans that introduce students to computer science in a variety of ways.
  • Use filters to discover more challenging activities that fit all grade and experience levels.
  • Want to connect computer science to social studies, math, or another subject? Use the topic filter to find subject-specific activities. And encourage other subject area teachers at your school to sign up and try it in their classrooms too.
  • Over 45 different languages available

Anybody can learn, no experience required, and it only takes an hour.

Code.org Classroom Resources

GLAD Resources for Coding

  • Picture file card sets for Scratch and Scratch Jr coding blocks
  • Create T-Graph for “Pair programming” sample here
  • Home-School Connections that relate to computational thinking and coding here