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What is the Tech Pay Tracker?

The tech pay tracker is a tool that allows teachers to monitor and keep up to date on how many tech training hours they have attended.

There are four  trackers right now.

For the school year 16-17 click here.

For the school year 17-18 click here.

For the school year 18-19 click here.

For the school year 19-20 click here.


How much do I get paid for tech training?

Training and learning technology (new and old) takes time and ISD believes it is important to pay teachers for their time.

To that end, every certificated teacher can get paid at per diem for up to six hours of tech training. When going to a training, sign the pink form to get paid at per diem.

If you have used up your six hours, you can still get paid at the In-Service rate ($35) When attending trainings, sign the blue In-Service form if you’ve used up your tech hours.

Per Diem In-Service Kyte
First six hours​

– Pink form​

Unlimited face-to-face​

– Blue form​

Capped at 21 hours ​

(6 per diem + 15 hours in-service)​

Not sure how many hours of tech training you’ve had and been paid for this year? Use our handy Tech Pay Tracker and check your hours here.

We’ve also posted a direct link to the Tech Hours Tracker under the About Tab on the Bits & Pieces menu (click the three lines at the top of the page.)


Helpful Hints

When attending a class or training, take a moment to check your hours so you sign the correct form (this speeds up processing of the paperwork and is the best way to ensure timely pay.)

Find yourself faster on the Tech Pay Tracker spreadsheet by using the key commands ‘Ctrl’ and ‘F’ (Command and F on a Mac) which will bring up the Find tool. Enter your name in the search field and press enter.

If you make a mistake while signing a compensation form be sure to initial the change.



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