skyward-signWhat is Skyward?

Skyward is the database that houses Student, Fiscal, and Personnel information for our district.  Teachers use this site to view student rosters, mark student grades, attendance, lunch count, etc.  ISD employees can also access their pay stubs, certifications, vacation time, etc


How do I access Skyward?

Teachers can access Skyward through this link.  You can also access Skyward on the ISD website, you can access
skyward on the home page via the Links for Staff.

How do I log into Skyward?

Username: First initial, last name, 2 digit number (e.g. lskywarker77).

Password: The Skyward password is user defined and requires updating/changing every 90 days. It will not allow you to use the same password again, until it has been changed five times.

You can find out your login using the “Forgot Login/Password” link and entering your district email.

Helpful hints

Please remember that after three unsuccessful attempts at typing in your password when signing into Skyward, you will be locked out by the system. To avoid this, click on the ‘Forgot your Login/Password?’ link and instructions for resetting your password will be sent to your district email address.


Here are some things to remember when choosing a password:

  • Password must contain at least one special character (!,@,$, etc.)
  • Password must be at least 5 characters long
  • You will be asked to change your password every 90 days

Where can I get help with Skyward?

Each school building has a Skyward Trainer (a fellow staff member) who can help you with any questions you might have.  You can find out who your Skyward Trainer here.

You can always contact any of the Instructional Technology Specialists in the Ed Tech department as well. We are here to help.