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Skills Cards



Intro to using Scratch <<Scratch Reference Guide v4.pdf>>



About Me Project


Pg 28 of Workbook



Scratch Integration Resources <<Scratch Cross-Curricular Integration Guide.pdf>>



Build a Band


Pg 38 of Workbook

Tips and Tricks <<Tips Tricks for ScratchJr.pdf>>


Data Challenge Project



Student Checklist for Projects  

<<Scratch Project Student Checklist.pdf>>


Orange Circle, Purple Square


Pg 46 of Workbook




For Student Accounts: 

Option 1 – students do not create a login and just use the online program.  Work will not be saved.

Option 2 – Scratch Accounts – IF teachers want a teacher account so that the student can save and access work, the teacher will need to create a teacher account (takes 1-2 days for them to verify your account).

Then they can invite their students using a link and bypass the need for student emails.  Students create their own login and password – they might want to create a system or use something familiar. BEFORE they create accounts, they should get permission/notify families because the projects and student username is on a public domain.

Link here  FAQs  Link

Possible wording to go home:

Arrange a time to sit with your parents and introduce them to Scratch

  1. Share the Scratch Overview Video
  2. Discuss family rules about online sharing and posting within the Scratch interface.
  3. Go over Scratch Community Guidelines
  4. Nicely ask your parent to sign below to show that you have discussed the Scratch Community and your family rules.  Sign the paper yourself.


We have agreed to the expectations of being a part of the Scratch Community and agree to have an online account.


Parent Signature                  date                  Student Signature                        date






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