Breakout Games Available for 2021-2022: 

November – December  Trapped in the Jurassic Era

Description: Dr. Hammond has invented a time machine to go back to the Jurassic Era to find out what happened to the dinosaurs millions of years ago.  He asked us to go with him to help record any clues we can find to solve the mysterious extinction.  After collecting our clues, we are ready to head back to school for the day.  The only problem is that a main part to the time machine broke off on our journey here and it keeps looping us back to the Jurassic Era! We need to find the main part to the time machine so we can get back to school and out of the Jurassic Era before the T-Rex finds us!

January – February Fact or Fiction
March Brenda’s Bakery Bonanza

May – June

Air Pollution, Save our Planet

Breakout the Superheroes

What is Breakout EDU?

Ed Tech Library

In Breakout EDU games, players work collaboratively to solve a series of critical thinking puzzles in order to open a locked box.

Breakout EDU was introduced to our Instructional Technology Specialists while attending the 2017 NCCE conference. It was immediately understood that this simple set of boxes and locks could easily support our students with the ISTE Student Standards and integrate with a variety of curriculums.  Every Breakout EDU game helps students to refine their collaboration skills!

After testing the kits during professional development and with classes at the elementary and secondary levels, The Ed Tech Department decided to add Breakout EDU to our Library. We have selected kits that align with ISTE Student Standards that change throughout the year. Teachers can learn more about Breakout EDU by taking a course on Kyte Learning or request a training from your Ed Tech Lead.

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