What Is Homeroom?

Homeroom is a tool that brings together a broad range of student assessment data so teachers, counselors, and administrators can better assess student progress and identify areas that may need more attention.

Homeroom is an analytical tool that allows users to view state and district assessments, by student, by class, or special service. Users can also view student schedules, attendance, and discipline history.

How do I access Homeroom?

Teachers can access Homeroom through the Issaquah Homeroom web site.

How do I log into Homeroom?

When logging into Homeroom, the username is your Skyward username (first initial, last name, two-digit number) and the password is a user-created password.

For directions on how to activate your account for the first time, click here.

Helpful hints

Homeroom does not update passwords when Skyward does. So, if you cannot remember your password, please choose the ‘Reset Password’ option.


Homeroom Dashboard Tools

19-20 Viewing Last Year’s Data in Homeroom

19-20 Elementary Teacher Diving Into Data

Where can I get help with Homeroom?

Visit the School Data Solutions Homeroom Help site.

Marcy O’Neill is the District Assessment Technology Specialist and maintains a Homeroom Connect  Group with detailed information.

You can always contact any of the Instructional Technology Specialists in the Ed Tech department as well. We are here to help.