Book Creator

What is Book Creator?

Book creator is a digital tool that teachers and students can use to create their own e-books and share in a digital Book Creator library. Book Creator offers personally formatted text, vibrant images, recorded audio, linked videos and so much more that bring e-books to life.  

How do I access Book Creator?

Book Creator is available on Clever.  

How do students access Book Creator?

All ISD teachers and students have access to Book Creator via Clever.  Students will log into Clever and select the Book Creator icon. Students will be prompted to enter a library invite code to enter their teacher’s classroom library (Note: teachers can create more than one library per year to share with students).  Teachers can access library code by clicking into the library and selecting “Invite Code”.  

If students used Book Creator in ISD the year before, they will be taken to their most recent class library in Book Creator. They will need to join their new teacher’s library (note this is how you would also add more than one library in a year). Students should click the 3 bar menu in the top left corner of their dashboard and select “Join a library”, then type in library invite code. If students need to navigate between libraries, they can use the 3 bar menu as well to toggle between different libraries.  

Helpful Hints and Links

Book Creator Resources for Teachers 

Become a Certified Author with Book Creator (Receive compensation too!)