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Bell Ringer

First Cell Phone Camera Picture (and the story behind it)

Best Buy Ad About Phillipe Kahn


Creative Upgrades

Kris – Seesaw Activity

Seesaw users have been creating great Activities that allow students to watch a video and then respond in different ways. This is an upgrade from just watching the video and maybe having some discussion around it if any discussion was had at all. The link I provided is a Seesaw activity that has students watching a Kid President video on MLK and his dream for Equality and Justice. The students are then asked to explain their dream form making the world “More Awesome” as Kid President says. They are able to use the drawing, label and voice record tools to give their voice to this topic.

Stephanie – Using Adobe Spark To Showcase Research

I am working with Jennifer Cardwell at Pacific Cascade this week and we are incorporating Adobe Spark as a way for students to showcase their research. As they begin to read their class novel set in the time of segregation, students were asked to do a short research assignment on what segregation is. Instead of having long presentations or even a written essay, Ms. Cardwell was looking at something more graphic and visual for students to synthesize their research and present to their group. We are focusing on Adobe Spark because of the variety of choice and creative lens it provides while students determine the best way to cohesively present their research. This is an upgrade from a traditional essay or even a PowerPoint which might become lengthy and too full of information.

Joshua – Book Talks as Podcasts

Students in Eric Ensey’s 6th grade humanities class turned the small group book talk into a round table podcast between the characters in the book. Students had to dive into character motivations and points of view to create a lively back and forth. Each group chose a host who was not a character in the book and whose job was to facilitate a hypothetical podcast between the characters. This required planning, scripting, rehearsal and performance. The results were great. We then posted the results as supplement to The New Tools last spring. Use the link above to find the episodes and check them out.

Show and Tell


Pixaloop (sample from Kris’ kid’s artwork)



On Digital Minimalism 

Digital Minimalism (book)

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We’d also love for you to check out the band Clipping. and Sub Pop Records who have generously allowed us to use the song A Better Place in our show. You can also find Clipping.’s music on the TV show The Mayor.

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