Canvas – Organizing your Dashboard 

You can make your dashboard more personal by editing the names of courses (this is on your end only) changing course colors, dragging and dropping your course icons to be in a specific order, or use the Star system to determine which courses are on your dashboard.  

Editing name and color 

  1. Choose a course and select the 3 dots 
  2. Create a Nickname for your course
  3. Select the color (this corresponds to the Canvas calendar as well) 
  4. Apply your changes

Star preferred courses 

  1. From Courses (Global Navigation) scroll down to all courses 
  2. Star courses that you would like to be on your dashboard (note that this may affect which courses you see at the start of a new term) 

How this supports you

This is just another way to make Canvas organization work for you.

For support using Canvas features or tips you’d like to share, please contact your Ed Tech Lead or Tech TOSA.

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