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Outcomes and rubrics can be added to your quizzes in Canvas. We will first review how to add Outcomes to your Canvas quizzes (classic and new quizzes). This is great if you are grading based on standards and wanting each question to reflect a different grading outcome/standard.

First, you can turn on the Learning Mastery Gradebook (Course Settings–>Features Options–>slide on Learning Mastery Gradebook). Please note that this is not reflected in Skyward for transferring grades. You can toggle between the LMG and your regular gradebook.

Next, you will want to make sure you have added outcomes to your course. Outcomes have been added based on state standards to the Issaquah instance (these are scored as 5, 3, 0). You can find and download these into your course and some courses have EL standards as well. When importing outcomes into your course you will not be able to edit the criterion ratings unless you create your own outcomes. For more on creating outcomes, please check out this Canvas Guide.

Now that you have Outcomes, let’s talk about how to get them added to your quizzes.

Classic Quizzes

When using Classic quizzes, you will need to add the outcomes directly to a quiz bank. First, you will want to create a quiz bank (consider importing options for questions). Go to quizzes from your Course Navigation and from the 3 more dots you will be able to find access to quiz banks. From there add a new bank, add questions, edit, and then finally add outcomes.

Since you will need to add the outcome to a quiz bank of questions, you might consider making the quiz bank based on a standard you are teaching. For example , if I were assessing a students ability to solve real-life problems with rational numbers, I might make a bank of possible questions for this outcome and attach it to the bank of questions. First, add or import questions, then choose “Align Outcome.” After navigating to your outcome, you can then set the percent for mastery.

Now you can continue to make your quiz and choose to link to a question bank. The outcome will then be attached to the question bank for integration into your Learning Mastery Gradebook.

New Quizzes

New quizzes works a little differently in that you can attach an outcome to each question individually or to the whole quiz. You can also add the question to a bank easily! In this case, the question has been created and you then select the outcomes option. Navigate to the correct outcome and choose one or several as needed. You can add additional outcomes later if needed.

Or if you prefer, you can attach the outcomes to the quiz rather than the question. Quizzes based on a specific standard might work great this way and for end of unit assessments, attaching the outcome to each question might work better.


Adding a rubric to your Classic quiz is completed before publishing and is attached to the entire quiz rather than by question. Prior to editing the quiz, choose the 3 more dots and choose “Show rubric.” From here, you can add a rubric to the quiz (either creating a new one or attaching one available to your course).

To learn more about outcomes, quizzes, and quiz banks, check out these Canvas Guide resources.

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