Record Your Teams Meeting (without students)

You may be looking for screen recording options or ways to asynchronously record a lesson for your students. While we are discouraging recording meetings held with students in Teams, you can record your own “meeting” to post content directly in the team for students to access in their own time. Whether recording or hosting meetings it is recommended that you use the desktop version of Teams. Here is the info on downloading it!


The Recording Process

Make a channel

First, determine which channel you want to host the meeting in. I do not recommend hosting them in the general channel as this could get very busy. Instead, consider the topic or idea you are presenting and create a new channel for the video to be stored.

Make a channel in teams

Get your files ready

Once you have created the channel, make sure you’ve uploaded the files you will need for your recording to the files tab for that channel. Teams offers several screen sharing options and one is PPT. You can browse the team channel to quickly find the PPT you want to present. You can also share your desktop, so having the materials open there is also a good idea.

adding files in teams


Now that you have your files ready, I recommend doing a run through of your overall presentation without recording. Navigate to the channel and then look to the upper right corner of the teams and click the “meet” button. This will start a meeting. You can choose to turn off the camera, but confirm your mic is ready to go. Remember that if you have the camera on you will be viewed in the recording, so brush your hair! 😉

meet in teams

Try it out in the meeting to get used to the sharing of your screen, opening the desktop and having everything open to confirm you are comfortable before you record.  The share screen icon is as listed below and you will receive several options to record with (Desktop, Window, PPT). FYI, you cannot record the whiteboard in a teams meeting at this time. Whiteboard alternatives include Windows Inkspace (if your computer is equipped with it), Microsoft Paint, OneNote or using where you can choose “draw”.

team meet task bar with share

share options in teams

When you are done practicing with the screen sharing and feel comfortable with your presentation, end this meeting and get prepared for your real-time opportunity.



Once again, start a meeting. Use the 3 dots in your meeting task bar to find the record option.

team task bar with more options

team meeting more options menu

You will receive a reminder that anyone in the meeting needs to agree and can dismiss this notice. You are now recording your meeting.

You can talk to your students or choose to open your share screen.  You can present as though you were teaching in class. Remember that this provides an asynchronous opportunity for your students to engage with you and your content. Consider holding office hours at later dates and times for student questions. Those meetings would not be recorded but can provide a time for talking with your students if they are available.


Post Production

When you are done recording, return to the more options and stop the recording. You can then “hang up” from your meeting. The recording will automatically post to the channel.

The video will be stored in the conversation, but you can do more with by clicking on the three dots. One of the options is to Make this a tab. Which will create tab for the channel with just the video. It will use the name of the meeting but you can change it something else if you prefer.

You have additional options available by opening the video in “Stream” where it is hosted. Once the video is done uploading and you have the image of the video, from the 3 more dots, choose “Open in Microsoft Stream.” From here you have several options:

Microsoft stream video options

Linked groups/channels: View where you have shared this video
Add to group/Channel: Share this video with other groups or channels in your team
Update video details: Change the name of the video or add a description, add captions, turn on/off comments
Trim video: minor editing options to edit the beginning or end of the video
Replace video: Use a different video to replace this one
Delete: Delete the video!
Download video: download it to share it elsewhere

Watch it in action

For more on meetings with teams, please check our blog and upcoming training times.

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