Add Another Chance To Win a Laptop For Your Classroom

Follow Drive Bonus

It’s the final week to sign-up to follow Bit’s and Pieces.

We are eager to have everyone receiving email updates. So, as the end of the drive approaches, we are adding another incentive for people to sign-up.

We will give three extra entries to the everyone from the building with the highest percentage of staff signed up for email updates.

So go encourage your colleagues to sign-up to follow Bits & Pieces.

It’s easy. Send them a link to this post.  All the details they need are below.

Each ISD teacher that signs-up to receive email updates from our blog will be entered into a drawing for a Dell Latitude 3379 (a convertible 2-1 touch screen device) to be used in your classroom (if you’ve already signed up, you’ve been entered.)

Follow Drive Bonus

The ‘Follow Drive’ will run until November 23 and we will announce the winner Monday, November 26 on The BNP (and we will notify the winner directly.) The winner will be drawn at random from a list of each person who has successfully signed up to follow Bits & Pieces by November 23.

So to wrap up, to be entered in the contest for the laptop:

  1. Follow Bits & Pieces using your school district email.

  2. Look for additional entry opportunities embedded in our posts and pages.

  3. Winner will be drawn from anybody who is following Bits & Pieces by November 23 and from additional entries through our embedded forms.

  4. Winner will be notified on November 23.

Spread the word!

For directions on ‘Following’ Bits & Pieces, read below.*

Follow the BNP

Click on the Follow Button that should appear at the bottom of the page.

Then enter your ISD email address in the box that pops up.

Finally, go to Outlook and confirm your ‘follow’ to be entered.


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