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Welcome back to a new school year! We are excited to share some new tools, and last year’s favorites, available now in the Ed Tech Library. Items are checked out for one week at a time and are delivered and picked up from your school’s main office. Your Instructional Technology Specialists are happy to come help you with set-up and launching your lesson with students. Enjoy!

BlueBot Hive

Six programmable devices, charging hive, backpack, and three floor mats (letters, community, and blank card mat). 


robot | by mbeo robot | by mbeo

This friendly face is a close cousin of the BeeBot, a small programmable bee that can be coded to sequence stories, find sums or differences, navigate maps, and spell words. The only limit is your imagination! The push button programming and floor mats are perfect for including computational thinking concepts and practices into your primary classroom. BlueBot has all the great features of cousin bee, plus its Blu-tooth enabled and can be controlled with an iPad app.

Check out BlueBot availability here.


Breakout Boxes

Large and small Breakout Boxes, hasp, five different locks, UV flashlights, hint cards, usb, invisible ink pen, and reflection card deck. 

 We have chosen four games this school year for teachers to use with our Breakout boxes. The first one is a Digital Citizenship themed box!

Games come to you set up and ready to use with students. Teachers review the video, set out the clues, and watch students collaborate, problem solve, and persist with unlocking the boxes. Some additional materials such as sharpies, QR code readers, or web access may be required, please see each of the descriptions for game information.

Games available for 2018-19:

September-October Modeling Digital Citizenship
November-January  Galactic Space Race
February-March Brain Power (Growth Mindset)
April-June Air Pollution, Save Our Planet

If you would like more information on purchasing a kit for your classroom, department, or school please contact your Ed Tech TOSA.

Check out Breakout Edu availability here.

Google Expeditions

Set of ten or thirty VR headsets that include student and teacher devices. 


Take your student’s where a school bus can’t! Our district created Kyte course walks you through how to use the technology with your classroom.  TES has a large collection of Expedition lessons that integrate the technology with many content areas, one of our favorites is “Writing a Travel Brochure with Google Expeditions.” If you would rather create your own lesson, download the app and explore the many tours available. New ones are popping up all the time!  

Check out Google Expedition availability here.


Makey Makey STEM Classroom Kit

Twelve Makey Makey Classic, alligator clips, and conductive pencils. 


MaKey MaKey Operation Game | by Camera Wence

Want to take your lessons on circuits to the next level? Have you heard of interactive poems? Want to try out a maker space? Excited about physical computing? Makey Makey might be a tool for you!

Our new Makey Makey STEM Classroom Kit allows you to turn everyday objects into touchpads.  Combine circuits and conductive materials with SCRATCH projects and watch your student’s excitement for physical computing grow.

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Check out the Makey Makey STEM Classroom Kit availability here.

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