Tech Compensation & Kyte Learning

Para Pros: Para Pro Staff may participate in tech training. Please click here for directions on how to get going if you are a para- professional staff. You should still check out the videos, they are pretty great.

Other Classified Staff must get pre-approval from their supervisor prior to taking tech training for compensation. Once the training is complete the supervisor must sign the compensation sheet, then send to Admin/Ed Tech: Comp Request. You will need to sign into Staff Hub to access the electronic compensation sheet.

We’re excited to offer an online learning system for our staff called Kyte Learning. This professional development platform has an ever-growing library of ed-tech specific video tutorials and courses to help you take your classroom to the next level! Kyte relies on teachers from around the country to share their best practices for using tech. This pre-built video content that gets straight to the point, so you spend a lot more time learning/discovering new ways to work with your tech, and less time searching other places on the internet for that perfect video or forum to answer your burning questions. Check out this cheeky video from one of the co-founders of Kyte to learn more.

First, Check Your Tech Hours

Compensation forms are found on Staff Hub under “Business Office>Payroll

You must be logged into Staff Hub to access the compensation forms.
You must be logged into Staff Hub to access the compensation forms.
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