Kyte Learning: Access and Compensation

Summer 2023 Note:  All Kyte Hours must be completed and submitted by August 31, 2023.  Our service with Kyte Learning is closing at that time, and Kyte trainings will no longer be available after this date. Stay tuned for information on alternative asynchronous learning options soon.

ALL KYTE LEARNING MUST START AND END OUTSIDE OF THE CONTRACT DAY. START DATE and START TIME along with COMPLETED DATE and TIME COMPLETED must be included on your report. The start and completed time must also correspond with the length of the video watched. For example, a one hour video started at 4:00 PM must have a completed time no sooner than 5:00 PM

Certificated staff have six technology per diem hours each school year. For the purpose of Kyte, the school year runs September 1 – August 31. Once those six per diem hours are used, an additional 15 hours at the in-service rate may be earned via Kyte Learning, other approved online learning options or face to face trainings. All courses must be complete by August 31, and compensation requests for the school year must be received no later than September 3.