Grade Cam


What Is Gradecam Go?

Gradecam Go is web tool that allows teachers to score tests, quizzes and homework using a doc cam, webcam or an iPad app. ISD has purchased accounts for all teachers and automatically creates and updates classes for each teacher. Teachers across the district use the tool to score Common Assessments and also to score assessments and assignments specific to their classes.

How do I access Gradecam Go?

Teachers can access Gradecam Go through Gradecam Go’s web site.

How do I log into Gradecam Go?

Username: To login, use your School District Email Address

Password: User defined

Helpful hints

Ensure you have the latest plugin. 

The most current version of the GradeCam Plugin is: (as of 9.21.16)

To download the new GradeCam Plugin, go to:

GradeCam does not like blank questions – especially blank grid questions on the math common assessments.  If a bubble form is not scanning, bubble in a zero on the grid questions.  This should make scanning easier.

Perform a test scan before giving answer sheets to students. Read below to find out why.

When printing answer sheets, choosing to shrink the answer sheet can affect Gradecam’s ability to scan and read scores.

When printing answer sheets, different browsers render the sheets slightly differently, so you may need to try printing from a different browser if you have difficulty scanning sheets.

The amount of light in the room can affect the ability of the Gradecam to scan. Try closing blinds and/or adjusting the overhead lights.

Some pencil leads can be highly reflective, causing Gradecam Go to have difficulty scanning scores. Try going over answers with a black sharpie.

For more help, check out  the GradeCam Go Connect Group or Gradecam Go’s Help Page.

Get paid to learn about Gradecam Go

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Where can I get help with Gradecam Go?

Each school building has an Ed Tech Lead (a fellow staff member) who can help you with any questions you might have.  You can find out who your building Ed Tech Lead is here.

You can always contact any of the Instructional Technology Specialists in the Ed Tech department as well. We are here to help.