Professional Development

Tech Training Sign

Issaquah School District offers teachers a lot of great opportunities for you to grow your practice with technology.

For those staff interested in spending a year learning about how to integrate technology and new tools into their instruction, and bring new devices into their classes, we offer a year-long cohort program called ITP.

Each building offers Building Tech Series, that includes classes on tech tools specific to the needs of that building. While these are aimed at supporting teachers in a particular building, all staff is welcome to attend any of the courses. Find information about these classes on our PD Calendar.

Additionally, each summer we offer staff opportunities to learn about explore tools in more depth through our Ed Tech Summer Camp. Most Tuesdays throughout July and August, we offer three-hour classes on a variety of tools. Learn more about Ed Tech Summer camp here.

If in-person trainings are hard for you to make or if you are looking for more opportunities beyond what are classes offer, check out Kyte Learning, our online video training platform.

The best part of all of this is that certificated teachers are paid for their time developing their learning and understanding of technology!