ITP Teacher Application

UPDATE: The due date for applications is now March 30th

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To apply for ITP, you will need to complete the Participant Application Form, and request an Administrator Referral.

The entire application is submitted through an online form and there is no way to save the document without submitting your answers. You may find it useful to prepare your answers using this Word document with the questions.

You will also need to create your ITP ID#. To do so use the following formula:

Favorite Two Digit Number + Initials(no periods) + Years In District (e.g.- 29JAM20)

You can review the scoring rubric here to help you develop and refine your answers.

When you are ready to complete the Participant Application Form, simply copy and paste your free response answers into the form to speed up the process and allow you time to refine your answers.

In the form you will be asked a few questions around devices. Please read carefully when completing the form. 

In order to ensure a fair and equitable distribution of technology, teachers accepted to ITP will be asked to work with their administrators to reassign older equipment and devices (if currently assigned to them.) Administrators will be asked to work with you to identify those devices and create a plan for reassigning them to other teachers.

This includes devices received through previous ITPs and other grants.

Use the steps below to guide you through the process.

Applications are due by 11:59 PM on March 30, 2020



Download the hard copy of the Participant Application Form.

Review the questions and compose your answers to the free response so that you have time to refine and develop them.

Use the rubric to help you craft your responses.



When you are ready to submit your application, visit the Participant Application Form, and complete all required questions on the form.

The form must be completed in one sitting, as there is no option to save your work.

Paste your answers from the Hard Copy to make the process faster.



Download, print and fill out the Administrator Referral Request.

Make sure that your ITP ID# matches what you submitted in the Participant Application Form.

Give the request to the administrator who will complete the Administrator Referral for your application


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