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UPDATE: The due date for applications is now March 30th

ITP 20-21 Admin Referral BannerThank you in advance for completing this form for your teacher. Your opinion and recommendation is extremely important in helping us evaluate the quality and potential of candidates for ITP.

Administrator Referrals are an essential part of helping us choose participants that will benefit from the program and bring those benefits back to their classrooms and buildings.

If you are unfamiliar with what ITP has to offer, learn more about the program here.

Please keep in mind that the Issaquah Technology Project is an extra work load for teachers. It is a 10-day program with graduate level rigor, that begins with 5 days of immersion training in the summer. This is followed by 5 follow-up sessions and requirements to share learning with colleagues throughout the year.

In addition to your valuable input regarding the applicant’s fitness for the program, we are also asking administrators to be prepared to come alongside applicants that are chosen to participate in three important areas.

Device  Mitigation – For 3-12 teachers accepted to ITP, it may be necessary to provide them with a small number of extra computers to ensure every student has a computer. Administrators will be asked to work with participants to plan for this.

Device Reassignment – In order to ensure a fair and equitable distribution of technology, teachers accepted to ITP, will be asked to work with their administrators to reassign older equipment and devices (currently assigned to them.) Administrators will be asked to work with participants to identify those devices and create a plan for reassigning them to other teachers.

Device Storage – ITP will not be providing storage equipment such as laptop carts or storage trays. Consequently, administrators will be asked to work with participants to plan for this.

Upon submission of this form, your scores and comments will be immediately added to the candidate’s application.


– Fill out this form

– Be sure to enter the ITP ID# correctly (provided by the teacher)

– Be sure to double-check the teacher’s email address


– Device Mitigation Planning

– Device Reassignment Planning

– Device Storage Planning


Applications for ITP close at 11:59 PM on March 30, 2020

Candidates will be notified by email on or before Arpil 10, 2020

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