Digital Tools for ISD Staff

Please use the following for more information on ISD-supported tools, apps, and digital resources specific to staff use.

ResourcePurposeLogin AccessSupplemental Resources
DestinyThe online library catalog is available to each school site. Students and teachers can access to search for class materials. None needed  
FrontlineISD’s absences management system, professional development catalog, and professional growth system.SSO-login
Microsoft 365
GradeCamGradeCam is an online tool that enables teachers to use a webcam, iPad or document camera to instantly grade assignments and transfer grades into the grade book. In addition, teachers will utilize GradeCam to collect Common Assessment data for students.Username: School District Email Address

Password: User-defined


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Canvas Guide
HomeroomHomeroom is an analytical tool that allows users to view state and district assessments by student, by class, or special service. Users can also view student schedules, attendance, and discipline history.Username: Skyward username (first initial, last name, two-digit number)

Password: User-definedClasslink

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King County Library SystemsAccess to all of KCLS online information and tools.Username: Issaquah School District’s three-digit number 411 followed by the letter t (lowercase) and each staff member’s Skyward login (uppercase).

Password/PIN: Last four digits of each staff member’s Skyward login (uppercase).Classlink

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SkywardSkyward is the database that houses Student, Fiscal, and Personnel information for our district.  Teachers use this site to view student rosters, mark student grades, attendance, lunch count, etc.  ISD employees can also access their pay stubs, certifications, vacation time, etcUsername: Skyward username (first initial, last name, two-digit number)

Password: User-defined (required to change every 90-days)

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Skyward EmployeeSkyward Teacher

Staff HubAn online portal for staff that includes curriculum documents, administrative documents, and forms. Username: ISD Email

Password: Network password

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