Sign-Up for Tech Kick Off Today

On behalf of the Educational Technology Department, we are excited to offer a paid professional development opportunity to all Issaquah staff members!

Join us for Tech Kickoff on Friday, September 1st 2017, from 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM.  Our conference sessions will cover topics and technologies such as Office 365, OneNote, BreakoutEDU, Google Expeditions, Skype, Actively Learn, Formative, Sway, and more!

Tech Kickoff Poster 17

This year we will launch our learning with a keynote session for all teachers to discover exciting opportunities with our Ed Tech TOSAs and Kiki Prottsman, author of Computational Thinking {and Coding} for Every Student. Find out the resources available to you and how we all play a role in ensuring equity in Computer Science education.

Visit our Connect group for more information and to browse through course descriptions. Use our Awesome Table to sort sessions by ISTE standard, TPEP criteria, and time or do a text search to find your favorite tools!

Sign up now on PD Place.

Keyboarding Resources for Summer


As summer approaches, here are some free keyboarding resources you can pass along to students/families.

Keyboarding Resources
The following keyboarding programs are designed to introduce keyboarding and to build fluency. Students will want to spend time within the programs to learn the typing basics.
Purpose: To develop typing skills

  • Create a login
  • Includes lessons, tests and games.
  • Students go through an animated lesson (headphones needed). At the end of each level, they test their typing speed.
  • Students earn badges as they complete lessons within the 4 levels in the program
  • Can remove Ads( top of screen)


dance mat
Purpose: To develop typing skills

  • Students do not login because there is no data that is saved
  • Students go through an animated lesson (headphones needed). At the end of each level, they test their typing speed.
  • There are 4 levels in the program
  • Helpful tips to teach students under the tab “Why learn to touch type?”
  • Please use Google Chrome to run this program


Purpose: To increase typing speed

  • Create a login
  • Race the computer or friends (add under the tab Friends)
  • Earn money to purchase cars, paint cars, and buy nitro (allows students to skip words by pressing enter in the race, this can only be used up to 3x)
  • Go to Stats to see how students are progressing



Sign up for Ed Tech Summer Camp Now

Summer Camp Poster Postcard

Come to Summer Ed Tech Camp to learn new skills for integrating technology in your classroom!  Choose from a variety of teacher-led 3-hour session that feature ed tech tools, such as Kyte Learning, BreakoutEDU, Seesaw, Skype, Office 365, Actively Learn, GradeCam, and podcasting!

Morning sessions are from 8:30-11:30am and afternoon sessions are from 12-3pm.  All sessions take place in the Admin P6 Computer Lab.

Sign up now on PD Place.

Space is limited, so be sure to sign up for the specific session/s you want to attend.  Technology compensation and clock hours are available.
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Organizing Text with Labels in Actively Learn

Looking for a quick way to find relevant text in Actively Learn? This 4.13 minute video gives an overview of how to filter, pin and manage labels, saving you time.

Adding Labels:

  • Label menu
  • Add label and choose text
  • Create a taxonomy system for labels- grade, content area, unit- to make sharing and finding text easier in District library

Toggle or filter in your work space:

  • Label menu
  • Manage pinned labels
  • Choose desired labels to add to your work space

Actively Learn

Time to Update

office 2016

Make sure you have access to all of the great Office 2016 features such as Office Mix and One Drive. Ask your Tech Specialist to update your computers ASAP!

Tech Kickoff will be a BYOD event and many of the courses offered will utilize features available only in Office 2013 or 2016. If you are currently running on 2010, update now.

Access School Dude here to submit a request for your Tech Specialist.

Piktochart – Visualize Your Learning

Piktochart Header.png

Piktochart is a great tool to make sharing information more visual by creating infographics.

It’s great for teachers to share information with their students or for students to use on to summarize their understanding. You can make infographics, reports, posters, and presentations using their ready made templates or start from scratch to create your very own! The final product can be interactive or static; they can also be embedded on your website for instant updates or they can be saved as an image file that you can save and send.



Kristen Bennett, science teacher at Skyline High School, has had great success in making her syllabi into infographics that are hosted on her website here and here. Check them out if you’d like to see an example of what you can do!


PCMS teacher Annie Tremonte and IMS  teacher Alyssa Eckhardt have been having students create infographics to show their learning. Check out this little recap of how infographics can spur deeper learning.

Special thanks to Kristin Bennett for sharing her ideas about Piktochart and how infographics can be used to support student learning. Much of this post comes from her monthly newsletter Tech Tidbits.

Skip YouTube, Insert Your Videos Into Google Slides Directly

How to Insert Videos Into Google Slides video from Free Technology From Teachers

You’ve always been able to insert videos into Google Slides, as long as you were willing to use YouTube.

While this is certainly a reasonable option for many, it was a limitation particularly acute in education. Teachers and students are rightfully wary of putting their own work on YouTube. Now, thanks to a new feature unveiled yesterday, users will be able to create videos, upload them to Google Drive and insert them directly in their Google Slides presentations, without having to touch YouTube.

Read up about this new feature and see a demo over at Free Technology For Teachers.