Atomic Learning Is Going Away In June

ISD and Ed Tech - Atomic Learning

ISD’s Atomic Learning Subscription Ending In June

We are writing to let you know that the Educational Tech Department has decided to end our district’s subscription to Atomic Learning effective June 25, 2017.

Consequently, staff will no longer be able to access Atomic Learning resources effective June 26, 2017.

What Does This Mean for You?

We want staff to be able to continue using Atomic Learning through the end of the subscription. As a result, staff will still be able to view and receive pay for watching Atomic Learning videos until June 25.

In order to receive compensation, staff must submit compensation requests and activity logs to the Educational Technology Office by the end of the workday June 26. Instructions for accessing compensation are available on Connect.

How Can I Receive Compensation for Tech Learning After June 25?

The Ed Tech Department recognizes the importance of providing a variety of opportunities for staff to learn and grow in the use of technology to support powerful instruction. We also recognize that for many staff, the summer provides a prime opportunity to not only learn about new digital tools, but it also provides time to reflect on how best to use those tools in their classrooms.

To support professional development for teachers, the Ed Tech Department will offer a series of face-to-face classes this summer for staff. Additionally, we have chosen a new platform for online professional development. Details on this new platform will be coming soon and in time for you to use this summer. We believe that both the in-person opportunities, and our new online learning platform, will support staff in their desire to grow in their practice this summer.


If you are interested in receiving compensation for your work on Atomic Learning, please review the instructions here.  Your Ed Tech TOSAs are also available to help you.

New Atomic Learning reporting process


Last week viewing of Atomic Learning for compensation purposes was suspended due to a change in the Atomic Learning reports. While their reporting system is still not ideal, we have developed a new process for submitting compensation requests for viewing Atomic Learning tutorials.

The instructions can be found on Connect at:

Click on the “Directions” tab to download instructions for Classified or Certificated staff.

 Please remember – tutorials for certificated staff that qualify for compensation can be found under “My Training>Recommended Training” OR “Issaquah Tutorials.”

Atomic Learning Hold

Atomic Learning has changed the way tutorials are logged and reported. 

Unfortunately their new system does not accurately record time spent viewing the webinars and tutorials within the detailed activity log.

Compensation for tutorials/webinars viewed on or after 3/29/16 is suspended until further notice. We hope to have this resolved soon. 

We are working with Atomic Learning to correct the situation.

Activity logs prior to 3/29/16 may still be submitted for compensation.

Please contact Diana Eggers if you have questions.

Have You Been Looking To Learn OneNote?

OneNote Everywhere

If learning OneNote has been on your to do list, look no further than Atomic Learning.

Atomic Learning has an hour-long course on OneNote that will get you going on using this powerful tool to support your learning. You can log into and search for OneNote in Atomic Learning, or you can follow the links we’ve posted here.

As an added bonus, you can get paid for learning about OneNote. Read up about the requirements around Atomic Learning here and here, and check how many tech hours you’ve used up here.