Content Specific Tech Integrations

PowerPoint Museum

Students curate artifacts around a topic and share with a virtual museum tour. See our sample product here that includes artifacts from our Ed Tech department’s resources. The pre-made template scaffold students with the PowerPoint formatting so that they can focus on the learning. Students ready to go further can easily add more pages and artifacts. museum.PNG

Adobe Spark Video

Students create a video that can include short video clips, images, text, voice recordings, and audio tracks with a free simple to use program. Adobe Spark Video is multi-platform so student can create on laptops or iPads. From book talks to portfolios this tool has endless possibilities.


What’s going on in this graph?

Data visualizations are rich texts for classrooms across the curriculum. New York Times now publishes a weekly resource for teachers of graphs stripped of its cation for students to analyze, each weekly graph is followed up with a webinar and the caption is revealed with related information. Learn more about this resource and how it might fit into your classroom! Here is a video that explains how the strategy works.

whats going on

Creative Communication

SWAY is a tool that allows teachers and students to share content in a visual way. Issaquah students in grades 3 through 12 have access to this tool as part of their Office 365 accounts. Add headings, text, images, video, and more to your digital presentation! The option to choose only Creative Commons photos opens up a great discussion around digital citizenship and copyright. Here is a teacher created lesson example for adaptations and the accompanying lesson information. Students can also create their own SWAY projects to show their learning and there are many templates that we can use, like this student report template. Last year students in 7th grade Language Arts classes at Maywood Middle School  created an Es-SWAY for their Photo Story project, connecting their regular curriculum to a new tool and Digital Citizenship learning. SWAY is a great tool for portfolios, presentations, writing, collaborative projects, and more! Scaffolding projects with templates is a great way to differentiate for your students.


More ideas will be added throughout the year so check back often!

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