Learn OneNote in Atomic Learning

OneNote is awesome, but there is a lot to it. If you are interested in earning some extra dollars and becoming a master of all things OneNote, check out the Atomic Learning class below. We’ve also listed direct links to the individual modules, if you don’t have time to sit through an hour of tutorials.

OneNote for Organization and Collaboration


Introducing OneNote for the Classroom

What is OneNote?

OneNote for teachers and students


Creating Content

Introduction to organizing content in OneNote

Creating and saving notebooks

Attaching and inserting files

Drawing tools

Ink to text and ink to math

Creating and using page templates

Sample project: Creating a lesson plan notebook


Creating Multimedia

Multimedia tools in OneNote

Links within OneNote and to web pages

Creating audio and video recordings

Ideas for creating media rich pages

Sample project: Flipped classroom, webquest or paperless classroom pages



Overview of Annotation tools

Using and searching for tags

Creating custom tags

Using the Research, Thesaurus, and Translation tools

Sample project: OneNote research projects

Sample projects: Tagging different objects in lessons



Introduction to Microsoft® accounts and OneDrive

Sharing notebooks and individual pages

Working in shared notebooks

Sample projects: Offering formative feedback during the writing process


Working with OneNote Online

Accessing OneNote online

Capabilities of OneNote online – layout

Capabilities of OneNote online – functionality

Using OneNote on mobile devices

Creating class shared notebooks with the Classroom Notebook Generator App

Using a classroom notebook

Sample project: Digital portfolio