Atomic Learning



What is Atomic Learning?

Atomic Learning (AL) is an online technology training site with over 50,000 step-by-step tutorials on products such as Microsoft Office, ActivInspire, iPads, Evernote, and Prezi.

ISD staff has access to all of the videos and can be paid for the tutorials they watch. However, in order to be paid the videos must be related to technology and be on the list of tutorials found under “My School’s Training” AND under “My Training Recommended Training.” 

We are continuously updating the list but if you find a tutorial that is not in either of these locations and that is relevant to your teaching assignment, please contact Diana Eggers to review.


The list of recommended training and “My School’s Training” will increase throughout the year.

Read up on all the changes and learn how to get paid for Atomic Learning videos here.

How do I access Atomic Learning?

Teachers can access Atomic Learning through this link.

Atomic Learning is also available to Issaquah School District parents and students.

Please ask your school office for Atomic Learning account information.

How do I log into Atomic Learning?

Username:  District Email (e.g.

Password:  Your password is the same password you use to log on to a district computer

Getting Paid for Atomic Learning

You can get paid for the time you spend growing on Atomic Learning.

Certificated staff have six technology per diem hours for the 2016-17 school year. Those hours may be used for Atomic Learning compensation.

Once those six per diem hours are used (for example if you used them at the Technology Kickoff), certificated staff may access an additional 15 hours of tech pay at the In-Service Rate ($31.54)  via Atomic Learning.

Helpful hints

Make sure to follow these directions when filling out the paperwork for compensation.

Send completed forms to Dana Kane at Admin (P-2.)